iiot gateway
ProfiNet I/O Coupler
ProfiNet I/O Coupler
ProfiNet IO Coupler BL200PN designed for industrial Real Time Ethernet, it adopts embedded Linux system, equips with Real-Time Ethernet interface chip and a dual-port memory,supports two communication channels for Real-Time Ethernet equipped with PHY or fieldbus,compatible with PROFINET,fast SPI host interface with Read/Write functions.

ProfiNet IO Coupler BL200PN supports dual network port cascade communication, and can support up to 32 IO modules, including AI, AO, DI, DO, RTD, TC, RS485, RS232, etc.,

ProfiNet IO Coupler BL200PN integrates a Network controller for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet slaves, suitable for creating a high-speed, stable and reliable Industrial Real-Time Ethernet networks and profinet fieldbus network.