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What features does IoT gateway need to have for smart city
What features does IoT gateway need to have for smart city?
Smart cities are an inevitable trend when new ICT technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are developing.
They can effectively improve resource allocation, improve resource utilization efficiency, and improve people's life convenience.
A smart city consists of a monitoring center, IoT gateway, data transmission equipment, and front-end sensor and actuators.

This article mainly introduces the R40B smart city IoT gateway, which integrates the functions of device access to the network,
Edge computing,signal transmission and data collection. Its functions are mainly as follows:

The following are the features of IoT gateway for smart city:

1. It adopts embedded design, supports WAN communication, dual 4G card redundant communication, and the three can automaticallyswitch to each other;
2. Provide wireless network access function to provide smart city equipment with wireless access to the smart city platform;
3. Support IPSEC and OPENVPN to ensure data safety and reliability;
4. Support the collection of RS485 device data, such as electricity meters, smart meters, etc., and automatically convert it to the MQTT protocol, and connect to cloud platforms such as Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS Cloud, Thingsboard Cloud, etc.;
5. Support logic calculation function, and make quick response locally directly according to the preset logic relationship;
6. Support timer functions, which can automatically execute various preset operations;
7. Provide network disconnection monitoring function, when the network camera or other network equipment fails, it can be quickly restarted or reported;
8. Support invalid data filtering function, which can greatly reduce data transmission flow and reduce server processing, storage pressure, cost, etc.;
9. It supports Modbus TCP master station function, and can be quickly connected to Ethernet IO module via Ethernet for multi-IO control, monitoring, and acquisition functions.
10. Support WIFI function, which can provide WIFI access to the smart city monitoring center for peripheral equipment.

The working principle diagram of IoT gateway for Smart city is as follows: