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R40B 4G Edge Router Support Smart City Projects
R40B 4G Edge Router used in Smart City Project in Southeast Asia
Smart cities generally refer to the application of intelligent computing technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big
data, and spatial geographic information integration to enable urban management, education, medical care, real estate, transportation,
public utilities, and public safety more efficient and intelligent, so that to provide better services, create a more favorable business development environment for enterprises. It also called as new smart city, digital city, future city, ecological city, low-carbon city, safe city and so on. 

R40B 4G Edge Router used in smart cities projects accomplish the following functions:
1) Provide wireless network access to VPN private network, support POE access to IPC;
2) RS485 air parameters data acquisition through Modbus protocol;
3) Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input for monitoring water immersion, sound control and others;
4) Expand I/O modules and instrument monitoring through RS485 and Ethernet;
5) Support TLS SSL data encryption;
6) Logical programming is similar to a PLC;
7) Access to the Amazon cloud platform;

Benefits of R40B Industrial Router to smart city projects

1, Support Public Safety 
R40B provide network to cameras in public places, face recognition and big data technology help to identify criminals as soon as possible, reduce the difficulty of detection and tracing, and greatly increase deterrence.

2, Environmental Monitoring 
Water leaching, position of manhole covers, air, noise, water quality, danger, etc, these situations can be monitored in every corner of the city 24 hours a day. Once a problem is found, it will be notified in time and urged to solve it quickly.

3, Improve technical support capabilities

Through cloud platforms such as Amazon, improve the capabilities of management, coordination and scheduling.