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Smart Street Lighting Control System

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Author : Fiona Dai
Update time : 2023-07-28 11:57:10
IoT Street Lighting Edge Router can be integrated to smart lighting control system to realize remote monitoring, efficient scheduling, fault alarming, and data analysis. 
1 Remote Monitoring
Users can remotely access the lighting system at any time and any place through the cloud platform. This means that you can monitor the operation of the lighting equipment in real time, and adjust and control the brightness, color and other parameters of the lighting without going to the site in person.

2 Efficient Scheduling
The Industrial Router enables multiple lighting systems to be connected to a unified management platform. It is convenient for administrators to manage and schedule all lighting equipment. They can create lighting scenes, timing schedules, and perform light grouping and zone control as needed. In this way, managers can allocate and utilize lighting resources more efficiently, achieve energy saving, environmental protection, and improve lighting effects.

3 Fault Alarming
The Edge Router has fault monitoring and alarm functions. Once equipment failure or abnormal situation occurs, the system can send an alarm to the manager's terminal device through the IoT Edge Router. This allows the administrator to take actions immediately, avoiding the lighting control system being in a fault state for a long time.

4 Data Analysis
4g industrial router is capable of data acquisition and analysis for lighting control systems. The system can collect a large amount of historical data, analyze lighting usage, energy consumption, etc., and provide statistics and reports. This can help managers better understand the operation of the lighting system, identify energy-saving strategies and optimization opportunities, and further improve lighting effects and management efficiency.
IoT Street Lighting 4G industrial edge Router
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