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Replacing S7-300 with an ARM Based EdgeCOM

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Author : Fiona Dai
Update time : 2023-09-20 11:54:21
Siemens confirms that the SIMATIC S7-300 product families will be available until October 1st, 2023.
Many distributors will stock inventory of relevant spare parts in advance, for the user, for users, it seems that in the short term, they don't have to worry about purchasing the product, but in the future, they will need to pay a high price to purchase it. So users who have been using S7-300 need to replace it in advance. BLIIoT BL30x series of ARM Based EdgeCOM is an excellent choice for you.


Advantage of ARM Based EdgeCOM
Programmable ARM Based Computer

High Performance
BL304 EdgeCOM is built around NXP i.MX8M based on Arm Cortex-A53 and Cortex-M4 cores, enables high performance and stability.
The EdgeCOM supports Linux, Ubuntu, Debian; Node-Red, QT, Python, C++; MySQL, InfluxDB, SQLite, Docker, Ignition, these facilitate customer development.
Direct connection to HMI
BLIIoT BL304 ARM Based EdgeCOM can be connected to HMI directly, so data can be viewed via HMI.
Comes with Ethernet Ports
BLIIoT BL304 ARM Based EdgeCOM comes with two Ethernet ports to make programming and debugging more convenient.
Small Form Factor
BLIIoT BL304 is a tiny ARM Based Computer which can be easily installed inside the machinery, making it an ideal control device for industrial solutions.

              EdgeCOM Ting ARM Computer
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